Gentle Ear Restoration For Infants

Anomalies of the ears are common, and can be easily corrected if diagnosed early in infancy. Using molding techniques, such as the EarWell™ Infant Ear Correction System, we can restore the normal ear anatomy without surgery.

About the Earwell™ Device

Welcome to the Infant Ear Molding Center of Houston

Some infants are born with ears that do not have a normal shape and form, however these ears do contain the appropriate amounts of skin and cartilage. Irregular shaped ears are easily corrected if diagnosed early, as cartilage is very soft and pliable early in infancy. Using molding techniques, the normal ear anatomy can be restored without surgery. Our specialists have been trained by the inventor of the EarWell™, Dr. Steve Byrd, to gently mold the ear into an appropriate shape. In order for ear molding to be maximally effective, the treatment must begin in the first two weeks of life. Make an appointment today for your newborn infant ear evaluation with Dr. Payne at The Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Center – Houston.

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Types of Ear Deformities Treated

There are several different types of ear deformities. An ear deformity is different than an ear malformation which is defined as missing skin and cartilage. Typical ear malformations are microtia or anotia meaning the ear is partially or completely missing. Ear deformities are not missing any skin or cartilage but only misshapen. The types of deformities that can be treated by ear molding are:

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