Is My Baby A Candidate?

Recent studies have shown that out of 100 babies born in a newborn nursery; approximately one third have ear deformities. Of those only about one third self-correct in the first week of life. The remaining 15% of babies born that have ear deformities will never correct on their own. Traditionally parents and children were expected to wait until the child’s ears stopped growing at about 7 years old before surgical correction was performed. The risk of surgery and variable results obtained by surgery is not often ideal.

Thus the new ear molding device called the EarWell has revolutionized the treatment of these deformities. Parents and pediatricians are still unsure about if a child is a candidate for treatment. Several research studies have shown that if the treatment of infant ear molding is started in the first 2 weeks of life then good to excellent results are achieved in over 90%.

So if your baby’s ears are deformed and they have not self-corrected at a week old, they are a great candidate for ear molding therapy. See your pediatrician to get a referral or call us and make an appointment with our team for infant ear molding. We recommend you get your baby pictures before starting the treatment.