October 2019

Dr. Payne Summarizes Three Main Infant Ear Molding Systems

Ear deformities, which refer to the irregular development of an infant’s ear, are not uncommon among newborns. Research suggests that roughly one-third of infants are born with some type of ear deformity in which the cartilage or soft tissues do not form into a conventional ear shape. Ear deformities usually do not resolve on their own, but a normal ear appearance can still be achieved without the need for surgery or invasiveness. There are three primary ear remodeling systems available to correct a deformed ear shape, each of which are summarized below by our craniofacial plastic surgeon Eric Payne, MD: 

Dr. Payne states that treatment for deformed ears should start as early as possible while a newborn’s ear is still soft and pliable. When used correctly, infant ear molding can allow the development of a normal ear appearance without the need for future surgery. Please see Dr. Payne’s video below, where he explains each system in more detail: 

For more information about any of the three systems above, please contact our Houston craniofacial surgeon for a consultation.